NOTE: The audio may stutter considerably using webkit/Chromium browsers. For that reason, this game is best played in Firefox or by downloading the latest build.

Kronii has frozen time and turned the Bunkeronii into a deadly fortress! Why is Mumei inside? Why did Kronii freeze time? Why are there so many Ollies and Crowniis? And where's Friend? The answer to some of these questions is inside the game!

This is a platformer drawing freely from an older era of challenging video games with simple to learn, hard to master mechanics. Expect to learn through trial and error until you find your bearings, and don't be discouraged by failure! Every level has been beaten in playtesting, it's definitely possible.

Unless built for this game, assets used under applicable license from:

- Paper UI Asset Pack :

- 2D Pixel Art Fox Sprites :

- Castle Prison Asset Pack :

- 16x16DUNGEONtileset :

- Pixel Art Platformer Village Props :
- 2D Platformer Asset Pack : Medieval Castle:
- Open Game Art :
- Sound Effects: and

- Jungle Adventurer Font :

- Animated Floor Spikes :

Updated 9 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Release date 56 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Exploration, hololive, nanashi-mumei, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial

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Just extract the ZIP file and run the executable.


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Fun and difficult game!

I couldn't pass the first boss(?) fight, but it was quite fun to explore the rooms and beat up the enemies on the way there.

Good use of Superappleman's Mumei sprite! So cute!

Here's some improvement suggestions you can take into consideration for future updates:

- Add a button or prompt to click in the intro, to move between text sections "Click to continue". I missed part of the text because it went by too fast.

- Change the end screen button labelled "Quit" to "Title Menu". I thought clicking it would close the whole game.

- Consider adding more player feedback when hitting an enemy. Especially when doing aerial attacks. To me it looked like Mumei was just falling and suddenly the nearby enemy disappears. Maybe add some particles (little stars if you want to make it cartoonish or blood if you want it gory, just don't overdo it!) to make the hit more visible.

Good game! I hope you keep adding new stuff to it! :D

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The game is often quite punishing with well paced timings required for puzzles and fights. You'll want to learn how the Nightmares work right away since they're the most difficult part outside of bosses. You'll slowly accumulate more berry baskets to hold more berries, which will progressively make the game less hectic feeling and more forgiving. Eventually, you'll find first true checkpoint, which gives major relief and puts you on a more relaxed and expansive portion of the game. The focus moves from tough enemy encounters to more platforming and traversal with a few enemies sprinkled throughout. The Hall of Questions and subsequently the Hall of Memories were both quite cute, I don't want to spoil them so be sure to persevere and make it there!
The game isn't without bugs and they are sometimes quite noticeable, but after some polishing this game will easily stand as a short and cute experience that any fan of Nanashi Mumei would enjoy.
Thank you developer for your earnest efforts at making a game, in my opinion, this game is wonderful and I think you should keep at it.

0/10, couldn't pet the foxes.
9/10, It was a really endearing experience, but has some flaws to work out.

Some tips, don't read these if you want to have an organic exploring experience:
Coffee makes you invulnerable to damage, sometimes they're hard to spot, but there's usually one in each boss room or tight area.
There's a shortcut in the guest room if you make it to the ladder on the top left that will skip the Nightmare boss fight, but I do not suggest using it until after you've beaten the boss once since you get a berry basket in the area after it.